Separate personal and work updates

February 11, 2019

It is so hard to separate personal and work a small business sometimes you just have to do both!

Things have remained busier than ever here at the farm. We have had old and new friends come and go with great memories and even better stories to follow. While our Idaho garlic hibernates under the snow, we have unburied the bus and Ben is headed out to make the new deliveries of our just harvested organic Argentinian garlic to all of the amazing stores that support these small time farmers. The babydoll ewes are pregnant and getting close to lambing time, so they have had their wool trimmed and are feasting on extra grain and love. The rams continue to do what they do and destroy their barn on a daily basis. The Baja garlic is getting closer to harvest time and we are excited for this years crop. And while we remain in a constant state of busy and overwhelmed, we are blessed to be doing what we are, surrounded by all those we love. #Neverendinggarlicshuffle @ Allicin's Ranch

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