Ben & Claire

Ben, Claire, & Isabelle
"Since garlic then hath powers to save from death, Bear with it though it makes unsavory breath."
- Salerno Regimen of Health, 12th Century

Our Mission

As small farmers and citizens of planet earth, our mission is to simply make the world a better place each day by raising our consciousness, the food we produce, and the people we touch showing love in every action and enriching as many lives as we can.   We will provide garlic to our customers whether it be for food, seed, or medicine grown on the highest possible vibration so that it provides the ultimate sustenance, genetics, or health benefits respectively.  We will care for the earth and our clients as we would our family in the production of our garlic, so that all who share an experience with us will question why they ever got garlic from any where else.  Through our work, we will be unwasteful, walk lightly upon the earth, and inspire and educate our younger generations to grow their own food and do it in such a manner that only adds to the greater benefit of all beings who rely on our planets resources for their livelihood.

Our Story

Living on a bench above the Kootenai River at 48 degrees N poses its challenges to living a sustainable existence.  For 20 years, we have learned the art of organic farming from one of the movement's pioneers, and my uncle, David.  As we were doing so, we migrated like so many intelligent birds to a warmer climate when the ground froze every fall.  Eight years ago, upon discovering a gorgeous variety of our favorite food and medicine neatly braided, we began to break into a migrant farming lifestyle where upon we could grow food in warm climates all year round and provide people, as well as ourselves, with the almighty bulb, Allium sativum -- garlic.  

Spending our summers in the panhandle of North Idaho, we farm our small sustainable crops mainly by hand and produce, among other things, several varieties of garlic.  As our crop for the next season is safe asleep in its winter bed, we head down to the Baja in our Big Red School Bus outfitted with a hydrogen fuel cell and solar panel to help in the harvest, cleaning, and braiding of a gorgeous crop of purple soft neck -- ajo morado.

Our Spring Garlic Braids can last up to a year and maintain excellent flavor!

Upon returning north, we sell and distribute the crop which our friends have so painstakingly worked to produce, spreading good health, flavor, and vitality to our customers along the way through California, Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, Wyoming, Montana, and Idaho.  

We love to share this special journey and this glorious gift of the earth with everyone we contact on our way home.  When we arrive back in northern Idaho, the work begins all over again in the garlic patch.  We wouldn't have it any other way.

Ben, Claire & Isabelle Ronniger
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