Spring Organic Gourmet Garlic

"Garlic may be good for you.  But growing your own garlic may be even better."
- Stanley Crawford, a garlic testament: seasons on a small New Mexico farm  

From our farm in Baja, California, delivered by Ben's Baja Garlic Bus

Available April 15th - August 1st

Our friends' family have been growing this Silver Skin variety of garlic for generations.  Ajo Morado, may have come to the Baja via the Spanish Conquistadors.  Or, another theory is that Phillipino fishermen under Spanish rule in the 1800's brought the seed along with the knowledge of how to braid this exceptionally keeping garlic to the Baja on their ships.  Either way, it is great fun to speculate the origins of this superior softneck.  

Spring Garlic Braids can last up to a year with excellent flavor!

For 14 years, we have helped harvest, clean, and braid this garlic that is grown using all organic practices in a pristine valley which floods every year supplying new, rich, mineral-laden volcanic soil.  Grown in an exceptionally healthy environment entirely by hand in a field far removed from any roads or industry, this garlic defines organic.  The rich purple striping of this ajo morado is intensified by the trace minerals in the volcanic soil, its beauty rivals the flavor!  

We travel to the Baja annually to farm in this beautiful valley with our friends and distribute this exceptional prize to the people across the western United States. Track us on our journey.
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